Policy & Guidelines:

At the Y, we create policies and guidelines to ensure the safety and security of all our members. It is our goal to ensure everyone enjoys our facility and programs. Please take a moment to review the Member Guide below and stop by the Welcome Center with any questions.

Code of Conduct at the Y
The Ithaca Y prohibits behavior that is considered inappropriate, which includes (but is not limited to):
Profanity, abusive, and/or threatening language, theft of property, physical contact with another person, criminal conduct, consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol while on the property, being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol while on YMCA property, The Ithaca YMCA is proud to be a tobacco free zone.

Feedback Forms:
Thank you for including us as part of your healthy lifestyle. Your experience and satisfaction are important to us. We invite you to speak to our staff or complete a feedback form to express satisfaction, concerns, or questions. Feedback forms are available at the Welcome Center or the feedback form board near the front entrance.

Emergency Procedures & First Aid:
Please report all incidents, injuries and emergencies to the Ithaca Y Welcome Center. An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is located at the Welcome Center. An incident report must be completed and signed whenever Y staff assist in an injury.

Inclement Weather:
If it is necessary to close the Y due to inclement weather, information will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and local radio stations.

Membership Policy:
YMCA memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. Those with plans to leave the area should inquire about the perpetual draft membership option. Members selecting the perpetual draft option may terminate the membership with a written request by the 15th of the previous month. The bank draft also allows members to temporarily “suspend” the membership for a period of time. The draft does have to draft from the account a minimum of once before it can be cancelled or “suspended.”

Membership Key Tags:
For safety purposes, YMCA members are required to scan their membership key tag each time you visit. If a member does not have their membership key tag with them, another form of picture identification must be shown to gain access to the facility. Membership key tags and privileges are not transferable to other individuals. If you have lost or misplaced your key tag, please stop at the Welcome Center to ask for a new one.

Draft Membership:
We must be notified of any credit card or bank account number change immediately by completing a Draft Change Form located at the Wel-come Center or by emailing Laura Hendrickson, Membership Coordinator, at lhendrickson@ithacaymca.com. We require all requests to change or cancel a draft membership to be received no later than the 25th of the previous month. Additional fees may incur if notice is not given by the 25th of the previous month. Also, please advise us of any change of address, email, and/or phone number.

Returned Drafts:
Returned drafts will leave you with a balance due and a $15 fee payable at the Welcome Center or on-line via the self-service portal. Please note that your membership will be terminated and until the balance is paid in full.

Membership Renewal:
Annual renewal notices will be emailed to the email address we have on file for the billable member at the beginning of the month your membership expires.

It's true that we charge fees at the Y: membership fees, childcare fees and program fees. These fees help us do our work. As a cause-driven nonprofit, our fees are modest, and they are a direct invest-ment in to our services, programs, facility, and community. However, it's your philanthropic support that truly helps us keep our children, teens, seniors, adults-everyone in the community-healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit. We need your support to strengthen our community.

Notification of Changes in Schedule, Classes or Facility Availability:
Your schedule is very important to us, and we do our best to ensure that schedules are followed and the facility is available during normal hours of operation. However, on occasion, we must close the pool, cancel a class or close the whole facility. When we deter from our normal schedule, we do our best to utilize technology to inform you; sending member email, posting to Facebook, and reflecting the change on our website.
Please make sure we have your most up-to-date email address and that you have liked our Facebook page; this will ensure you have the latest information.

Wellness Center Room Policy:
The Wellness Center is located on the south end on the 2nd floor off the circuit room. The Wellness Center provides our members with a quiet waiting/reading/work space, offering free WIFI, tables and chairs, a couch, bathroom facilities and a small kitchenette area. This space is available for member use during open facility hours except when reserved for parties, meetings or other special events. Members must vacate the area if reserved. The Welcome Center can inform members when the space is reserved. Members are welcome to utilize the refrigerator and cupboards for day use only; anything left overnight will be discarded. If you are interested in more information about reserving the Wellness Center, please email Ann Haider-Collins at ahaidercollins@ithacaymca.com.

Multi-Purpose Room Policy:
The Multi-Purpose Room offers redesigned and remodeled open space, great for lectures, meetings and birthday parties. This space is available for reservations of all kinds. If you are interested in more information about reserving the Multi-Purpose Room, please email ahaidercollins@ithacaymca.com.

Locker Policy:
Members and program members may use lockers on a daily basis. If you would like to leave your belongings in a locker overnight, you must rent a locker (see a Member Service Representative for details). It is the policy of the YMCA that any belongings left in an unrented locker overnight will be removed and donated to charity. Please note that all participants are encouraged to bring a lock to secure their personal belongings. The YMCA is not responsible for unsecured or lost personal items.

Locker Room Policy:
We offer 5 locker rooms to suit your needs. The men’s and women’s locker room are designated for those ages 13 and older only. We have boys and girls locker rooms for those 12 years and under (and their accompanying adult). Children 4 and under may utilize the opposite gender youth locker room with their supervising adult. We also have a special/family needs locker room for Members or visitors in wheelchairs and/or those who have an aide of opposite gender and women or men responsible for children of opposite gender 5 years or older who are unable to use appropriate children’s locker room.

Advance registration is required for all programs. To receive the member rate on any program, the participant must remain a member for the duration of the program, or choose the non-member rate.
All balance dues must be paid before the participant is allowed to enroll in another program.

Program Credits & Refunds:
If a program is canceled by the YMCA, every attempt will be made to place you in another convenient class. Should rescheduling be impossible, a YMCA credit will be given. Sign ups are not transferable to or from another registered participant. If a participant withdraws from a program or class because of medical or military reasons, YMCA credit for the missed class(es) may be issued; contact the Membership Director. Programs are non-refundable and credits are not issued for partial use of a program. Private lessons may only be cancelled or changed when a doctor’s note is submitted. No refunds will be considered, and a credit will be considered only when the doctor’s note is shown to the Membership Coordinator. On the rare occasion credits are issued, they will be valid for 24 months from the date it is issued.

Racquetball Court Policy:
Racquetball courts may be reserved by members or guests for one hour periods. If the person who has reserved a court does not begin to utilize the court within 15 minutes of the start time, they relinquish their reservation. The YMCA has established an approved eyewear policy for all players. The protective eyewear must be worn as designed and may not be altered. Those adults who do not wear protective eyewear may sign a waiver form to render the YMCA as not responsible for injury should it occur. For your child’s safety, racquets for children 9 and under will be handed to an adult parent. As building policy states, children 9 and under need direct adult supervision while they are in the courts.

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