SACC: School age child care 2018-2019 School year

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SACC Rates and Full Day Dates

SACC Parent Manual


On-Site After School:

Serving Ithaca & Lansing School District kids kindergarten thru age 12- 2:20-5:45pm Located at the Y facility, 50 Graham Road West, Ithaca, NY 14850 Activities include: creative arts and crafts projects, sports and recreational games, homework time, cooking projects, snack time, character development, outdoor activities, and swim time.
For more information about on-site after school please contact Rachael Jackson at 607-257-0101 or

Off-site before & After school Programs:

Cassavant Before & After School:

Serving the Dryden School District kids kindergarten thru age 12 - Before School: 7:00am-school begins; After School 3:00-5:45pm

Groton Before & After School:

Serving the Groton School District kids Pre-K thru age 12 - Before School: 6:45am-school begins; After School 3:00-5:45pm

Activities include:

Creative arts and craft projects, sports and recreational games, homework time, snack time, character development, outdoor activities, reading programs.
For more information about Off-Site SACC please contact Rachael Jackson at 607-257-0101 or
All payments are expected by the first of the month, any received on the 2nd or after will incur a late fee. The comprehensive SACC fees are divided equally throughout a 10 month period. Fees do not change due to missed days, school closings, early dismissals or school vacations.

Full Day Program

The YMCA Full Day School’s Out Program is offered to kindergarten through age 12. This full-day program is available from 8:00am-5:45pm. The program follows a camp-like structure, with special emphasis on fun, and operates at the Graham Road West location. Along with the dates outlined below, parents are routinely surveyed to determine whether it is appropriate to add extra days dependent on school schedule changes. Children should bring their own lunches; morning and afternoon snacks are provided. Swimsuit and towel is suggested, as swim time is offered whenever possible. Full Day Program is a nut free program. ¨Swimming, games & sports, arts & crafts, outdoor play, themed topics of interest.



Its 2:15, and the children arrive at the front entrance of the YMCA. Just off the bus, they are welcomed by our friendly counselors and attendance is taken. The children move into the gymnasium where we begin our afternoon.

The children have “free choice time” as the other buses arrive. They can choose an assortment of sports equipment to play with or just make up a game with their friends. When weather permits, we spend time outside. There is usually a soccer game being played, hula hooping, and a Frisbee or two are being tossed around.

As part of the YMCA of the USA’s commitment to Michele Obama’s initiative on the prevention of childhood obesity, the YMCA of Ithaca & Tompkins County has adopted the HEPA (healthy eating and physical activity) standards as a major part of our program. We only serve CACFP approved snacks and devote at least an hour to physical activity each day of program.

Holidays and special days or events are studied and celebrated. The kids learn that every day of the year is a National Day of…something! This is both educational and fun for them.

At approximately 3:00 p.m., the group gathers for their nutritious snack and fun conversation with the other children in the program and the counselors. After this relaxed period, the group engages in activity that is usually a game of dodge ball, capture the flag, freeze tag, four-square, or sometimes Bingo, just to name a few. The children suggest and vote on the game of the day. Variety makes after-school more fun. Finding different versions to games usually ends with a lot of laughter.

Monday-Thursday includes a period of downtime for homework with the help of the counselors. For those that do not have homework or prefer to do it at home, there are lots of quiet activities such as puzzles, books to read, coloring sheets, and fun activity workbooks.

After quiet time, depending on the day of the week, arts & craft projects are created, interesting nutrition facts discussed along with food preparation, of which everyone shares. We explore the world of science, we are excited when storytellers visit, and we practice our dance moves with music. Now and then, a Y instructor leads us in Kids Zumba. Friday’s main feature is swimming in the Y pool, so kids are encouraged to bring their suit and towel.

As an option, there is opportunity for children to register in an official swim lesson program twice/week. The counselors ensure child get changed in the youth locker rooms, are taken to the pool and their instructor, and are transported safely to and from the program.

During our last 30 to 45 minutes of the day before parents sign their children out of program, we gather for a group game, or join together for a character development or teambuilding activity. We look forward to our days together.

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