Camp Takoda

The YMCA staff believes that a connection to the natural world is very important to a child's development. With that in mind, the YMCA introduces an exceptional outdoor education camping program, Takoda. This program is designed to teach children both outdoor skills and the role they play in the natural world. A team of skilled outdoor educators, environmental and cultural interpreters will walk alongside your children, allowing them to learn and grow from their interactions in the wild. Educators will provide lessons that not only teach outdoor skills but illustrate their cultural relevance, spotlighting the groups of people that developed and used the skill, as well as looking at how these skills have changed and progressed over time. In addition to focusing on outdoor skills, these educators will create and implement lessons designed to highlight how each of us as humans can impact the environment, while further demonstrating how to make that impact positive.
Join us and experience YMCA Camp Takoda, where outdoor skills, cultural appreciation, and environmental stewardship to protect our amazing natural world will be brought together in one integrated program.

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Weekly Themes:
July 9-13: Our Native American Influence
July 16-20: Our Incredible Primitive Origins
July 23-27: Our Outdoor Classroom
July 30-August 3: In Safety and Marksmanship
August 6-10: Our Love of Play in the Great Outdoors

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Camp registrations are non-refundable and a credit will only be considered if a wait list for that week forms.

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